Best Dash Cams 2017 – Reviews with Pros and Cons

After many hours of testing we are proud to present the top dashcams of 2017. Each dashboard camera has been thoroughly tested and reviewed to provide you with all the information you need to make a smart purchase.

Just like you, I’ve been searching  for the best dash cams of 2017.

There are so many options on the market today and it seems like almost all dash cam manufacturers out there are claiming to be the best in the industry.

That is why I have put 10 dash cams to the ultimate test and have created this…

Best dash cam reviews of 2017

Dashboard CameraNameSingle/dual channelVideo QualityLens AngleParking ModeGPSOur ConsensusPrice
Yi dash cam reviewYi SingleFull HD165°NoNoGreat value Check Price

Taotronics dash cam review
TaotronicsSingleFull HD150°NoNoGreat value Check Price
Rexing V1 dash cam reviewRexing V1SingleFull HD170°NoNoAll around choice Check Price
Vantrue X1 dash cam reviewVantrue X1SingleFull HD170°YesNoAbove Average Check Price
ITrue X3 dash cam reviewITrue X3SingleFull HD170°NoNoAll around choice Check Price
Falcon Zero dash cam reviewFalcon Zero F170HD+SingleFull HD170°YesYesFeature rich Check Price
Wheel Witness dash cam reviewWheel WitnessSingleSuper HD (best video quality)170°NoYesOur top pick Check Price
KD Links X1 dash cam reviewKD Links X1SingleFull HD165°NoYesExcellent Check Price
Falcon Zero Touch Pro dash cam reviewFalcon Zero Touch ProSingle Full HD165°YesYesExcellent Check Price
KD Links DX2 dash cam reviewKD Links DX2DualFull HD165° front
125° rear
YesNoTop of the line Check Price

One of the most challenging things I encountered in my quest for the top dash cams this year was finding products with suitable features for what I need. I sifted through the top dash cams with the highest ratings and reviews from buyers all around the world, in an effort to bag one that exactly matched my requirements.

Another difficult thing I’ve encountered is verifying if the top 10 dash cams in my shortlist are equipped with the right set of configuration settings and compatibility support for my car.

Despite all my struggles, I’ve compiled this list of the best dash cams of 2017 to document the results of my tests, what I experienced throughout my quest, some opinions that I collected from my friends, and finally my success in finding the ideal dash cam for any car.


Best Dash Cams of 2017 – Top Picks and Reviews

Since there obviously isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the best dash cams of 2017 this is a list of the 10 dash cams that I found with suitable features for a standard variety of purposes. It’s up to you to decide which product can give you exactly what you need in your car.

Drawing from my knowledge and experience, each product below is good enough to make it to this top 10 list of the best dash cams of 2017.

To help you out in making a more informed buying decision – I’ve listed down the pros and cons of each product, along with my recommendations.


So, without any further ado – Here are the 10 best dash cams of 2017:


1.   Yi Smart Dash Cam Great pick under $100Yi dash cam


Even if YI isn’t as popular as other manufacturers of dash cams out there, many buyers like me consider them as a well-known producer of top quality dash cams today. This smart camera packs a punch when it comes to state-of-the-art features and ease of use for the everyday car owner. The built-in features of this product match what you’d get from higher priced dash cams on the market today making it a great value.

The YI Smart Camera is one of the best dash cams this year, and perhaps your top choice for dash cams under $100.

According to many YI owners this dash cam is well worth the investment. The YI dash cam comes packed with features found in more expensive models. Simple to use and operate even for non-tech savvy users, the YI dash cam is incredibly user friendly

If you’re an Android or iOS user who wants to access the YI Smart Dash Camera wherever you are – All you need to do is download and install the YI Dashcam app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. As long as you have a wireless Internet connection, you’ll be able to see what’s in front of this dash cam. Now that’s smart user experience, in my opinion.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

This product scored top ratings when it comes to overall performance, thanks to the innovative technologies that are incorporated into this dash cam. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a piece of technical genius that’s available in this dash cam. This provides you with dependable visual recognition features, promoting safe driving whenever you want AI-assisted guidance when changing lanes.

You can expect HD video and images from this dash cam, day and night.

Offering 60fps of quality 1920x1080p video recordings and high resolution image snapshots, you’ll get clear footages and images of fast paced live action with this product, especially because of its wide angle lens that provides 165° of visual coverage.

As for ease of use, YI does a good job ensuring that this smart dash camera allows you to conveniently focus on driving without worrying what to do in case of an accident. G-sensor systems are equipped into this dash cam, enabling you to avoid all the hassle of manually activating your dash cam while driving, which also conserves battery resources. This technology makes it possible for its emergency recording feature to detect possible collisions and accidents before it happens, intelligently turning the camera on to record the footage. This is also capable of automatically enabling the dash cam’s recording function a few seconds after a collision, which is useful in instances where your car’s electrical system temporarily shuts down right after an accident.

A 2.7-inche TFT LCD display screen also gives you an intuitive panel to quickly and easily access the configuration settings and live features for conveniently operating this dash cam. Couple that with the YI Dashcam app for your Android or iOS device, and you have a winner here when it comes to the overall user experience that all of us want.

  • Intelligent visual recognition features from its built-in ADAS technology, giving you peace of mind when changing and departing lanes
  • Powerful video processor for optimal video recordings
  • Wide-angle camera that provides 165° of 3-lane visual coverage, allowing high-resolution snapshots and full widescreen recordings
  • Industry standard H264 image and video encoding for clear snapshots and recordings that can save data storage resources
  • Overheating has been reported by a few users to cause blurry images and grainy video recordings, along with poorly focused objects of interest
  • A bit bigger than other products in this list of the best dash cams of 2017
  • Lack of suction cup in its mount


2. TaoTronics Car Dash Cam Great pick under $100TaoTronics dash cam


TaoTronics is an established manufacturer of electronic products, including audio and video devices for cars and personal use. This dash cam is equipped with just the right combination of built-in features and industry standard user experience benefits, giving this product a nice place in this list of the best dash cams of 2017.

The camera technology behind this car dashboard camera makes this a top pick when it comes to quality dash cams below $100. Equipped with a lens that can provide clear visual coverage, I took advantage of its full high definition video recording capabilities with my tests, producing full 3-lane footages of live action.

Of course, dash cams aren’t complete with intelligent functions that can help you capture video footages and image snapshots when they count the most. Instead of worrying about manually taking footages and snapshots while driving, which is of course a very dangerous thing to do since you should be keeping your eyes on the road, the TaoTronics car dash cam took care of this for me, giving me the peace of mind that I want.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

The TaoTronics car dash cam surprised me with its low price tag, something that I wasn’t expecting for a complete set of features that gave me the performance that I need from a dashboard camera. With the clear video footage and crisp image snapshots that I got, it’s no wonder why this product is in this list of the best dash cams of 2017.

Combining top of the line camera capabilities with intelligent motion detection and automatic collision recording technologies, this dash cam worked like a charm during my tests. Its loop recording features allowed me to just focus on driving safely and automatically record necessary situations without worrying about data storage capacity.

One-click features for manually enabling video recordings and toggling audio on and off make this a quick and easy to use product. It’s LCD screen also allowed me to conveniently see how footages and snapshots are taken by the TaoTronics car dash cam.

Configuring the video, image and audio recording capabilities of this dash cam was both simple and straightforward. I also liked that this product came in a box with ready-to-use components, including a bundled TF card from SanDisk, a well-known leader when it comes to memory cards and data storage devices. Aside from these user-friendly features, the TaoTronics car dash cam also supports English and other languages like Japanese, German, French, Italian and Spanish, making this dash cam a suitable product for everyone.

  • Top quality HD camera capabilities for a low price
  • Clear videos and images, day and night
  • Smart motion and collision detection technology
  • Loop recording function to maximize data storage space for video recordings and image snapshots while driving
  • Manual push-button video recordings and image snapshots
  • Quick and simple set up process, including video and image downloading functions from dash cam to external storage device
  • A few buyers reported issues with the memory card, including an incident where the user got the wrong one from the manufacturer
  • Others claim they encountered unusual LCD screen flickering in rare occasions


3. Rexing V1 Car Dash CamRexing V1 dash cam


Rexing is another well-known producer of quality dash cams at reasonable prices. Their V1 car dash cam product line is equipped with advanced components that are operated by smart systems, ensuring top quality performance without the complexity of other dashboard cameras in the market today. This solid combination of form and function has earned this product a good spot in this list of the best dash cams of 2017.

What I got from this dash cam during my tests were pristine video footages and crisp images, thanks to its top of the line camera capabilities. I was even surprised about the night vision and smart loop recording functions of this dash cam, making this product a top pick when it comes to dash cams below $150.

The built-in accident auto detection technology that’s equipped into this dash cam works hand in hand with its loop recording functions, something that I also didn’t expect from a dash cam at this low price range. This simply means you won’t need to worry about overwriting footages and snapshots of accidents and collisions.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

The Rexing V1 dash cam performed surprisingly well during my tests, providing top quality videos and images with its loop recording function enabled while I was driving around. I also tested its night vision capabilities, and I got high definition videos and images even with very minimal natural light.

Its wide-angle lens also performed well, taking videos and snapshots with 170º coverage, giving me a clear 3-lane view of what’s happening around me. The date and time stamping feature of this dash cam also allowed me to accurately label my footages and snapshots.

The Rexing V1 dash cam is simple to set up and straightforward to operate. The combination of its loop recording features and built-in G-sensor technology for automatically detecting collisions in footage and snapshots makes this a solution that you can set and forget without issues.

  • Integrated camera components for generating high definition videos and images in 1920×1080 resolution quality
  • Data space storage conservation features through H264 video and photography compression
  • Discreet design prevents others from knowing that you have a dashboard camera in your car
  • Loop recording feature gives you an automatic way for overwriting oldest footages and images with most recent videos and snapshots
  • Intelligent accident detection technology prevents deleting videos and images of collisions and the like
  • Simple to operate
  • A few buyers reported static and beeping sounds in the audio of some recorded footages
  • Some users found it complicated to update the firmware of this dash cam

4. Vantrue X1 Car Dash CamVantrue X1 dash cam


The X1 car dash cam from Vantrue combines powerful video processing capabilities with quick and easy to use features for regular users. The full high definition video recording and image photography technologies in this dash cam performed really well in my tests, earning this product a spot on the list of best dash cams of 2017.

The night vision functions of this dash cam was at par with my expectations when it comes to the quality of footage that you can get from a car dashboard camera in situations with minimal natural light. Its built-in microphone and speaker also produced good audio. Not exactly recording studio quality, but then again, it’s a dash cam that’s designed more for videos and snapshots than sound.

This is a good option when it comes to top of the line dash cams below $200. Setting up this dash cam and using it for the first time won’t be too much of a hassle, even for users who haven’t installed a dashboard camera before.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

As I expected from its powerful video processing capabilities and built-in camera components, the video footage and image snapshots that I got from the Vantrue X1 car dash cam were of superb quality. Its auto loop recording feature also didn’t disappoint, enabling me to just drive around and not worry about running out of data storage space or manually taking footages and snapshots while driving.


I didn’t encounter too much trouble installing and running this dash cam for the first time. However, it would’ve been better if Vantrue bundled a high capacity memory card with this product.

  • Top quality high speed video footages at 30 frames per second and clear image snapshots at 1920*1080 resolution, thanks to the AR0330 color CMOS sensor technology and other camera components working hand in hand with its powerful Novatek NT96655 video processor
  • HDR technology that produces detailed footages and snapshots even during the night
  • LCD powers off automatically once recording starts
  • Wide angle lens provide 170º of full visual coverage
  • Loop recording feature and G-sensor technology for automatically overwriting oldest footages and snapshots with most recent videos and images, all while intelligently preserving important footages and snapshots of accidents, collisions and the like
  • Automatic parking mode feature to conserve battery and data storage space when it doesn’t detect any movement for 5 minutes
  • Motion detection function even on parking mode, allowing you to record videos and take snapshots whenever it senses moving people or objects from 33 feet away
  • Automatic power on and recording activation upon starting your car
  • Quick installation and easy operations, including the ability to play videos and view images in your TV and computer
  • Doesn’t come with a micro SD memory card
  • Only supports 64Gb card in FAT32 format.

5. ITrue X3 Dash CamITrue X3 dash cam


The X3 dashboard camera from ITrue is an all-time favorite of many buyers worldwide. Wanting to know what the fuss was all about, I went ahead and tested this dash cam. After getting superb quality video footages with clear audio from this product, I’d have to say this is one of the best dash cams of 2017.

Another top quality dash cam below $200, the ITrue X3 dashboard camera combines advanced features with a simple to use design. Once you’ve set up this product in your car, just simply starting the engine powers up this camera, ready to take footages and photos with its auto loop recording feature.

You also don’t need to worry about your precious footages of collisions and the like being overwritten and lost forever. This dash cam is integrated with smart features for detecting and locking important videos and images in its data storage facility.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

As I mentioned, the ITrue X3 dash cam produces excellent quality video footages and image snapshots. After all, its high definition camera is designed to generate footage at 30 fps as well as images in high 1920×1080 resolution. It’s also equipped with a wide angle lens that can allow you to cover up to 170° wide.

Its auto loop recording and auto motion detection functions are built into its auto start feature. This means once you start your car, this dash cam powers up and starts to record, overwriting old footages and images with new data.

On the other hand, its G-Sensor technology enables accident and collision detection across your videos and photos. You don’t need to worry about losing your precious data.

  • Pristine HD videos and high resolution images during day and night
  • Automatically powers up and starts to record when you start the engine of your car
  • Endless recording loops with G-Sensor technology to automatically detect collisions and accidents across your data, protecting important video footages and photos
  • Enabled for recording audio with video footages
  • A few buyers complained about the faint sound of video with audio recordings
  • Some users want higher data storage capacity than the 32 GB limit of this dash cam

6. FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam Falcon Zero F170HD+ dash cam


FalconZero is known around the world as a quality producer of easy to use dash cams and other electronic products. Their F170HD+ dash cam product is included in this list of the best dash cams of 2017 mainly because of its truly commendable night vision features. In my tests, this dash cam was able to produce excellent quality video footages and photos even with very minimal natural light.

This dashboard camera is also equipped with GPS features. In case you don’t have your own GPS device already installed in your car, then this dash cam can help you save some money by getting a good quality dash cam and GPS device for below $250.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

The FalconZero F170HD+ dash cam is quick and easy to set up. This manufacturer has once again successfully integrated a simple to operate design into a dash cam with advanced technologies and smart features.

This dash cam performed quite well in my tests, producing high quality video footages in auto loop recording mode. Also generated clear snapshots, even during the night.

  • Easy to set up and install
  • Simple to operate
  • GPS features
  • High quality wide angle video footages and images even with minimal natural light
  • Lots of optional recording features including GPS data, audio, date and time stamps, car speed, etc.
  • Auto loop recording and G-Sensor technology for detecting accidents and collisions in video footages and photos
  • Bigger than other dash cams
  • Relatively flimsy mount
  • Detachable GPS can sometimes be messy with additional wires

7. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash CamWheel Witness HD Pro dash cam


WheelWitness is a relatively new manufacturer of dashboard cameras. However, their HD PRO product deserves a spot in this list of the best dash cams of 2017. That’s because in my tests, this dash cam was able to generate high quality video footages and clear photos during both day and night, in among the highest resolutions that I’ve seen from a dash cam.

The Plug N Play feature of this dash cam also makes this one of the quickest and easiest dash cams below $200 to set up and use. Its additional functions, which were all quite useful during my test drives, aren’t found in a lot of dash cams out there today, including ones in this list.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

With images generated at 2560×1080 / 2306x1296P resolution in super high definition mode, the WheelWitness HD PRO dash cam has the highest image resolution to offer in this list. Video footages captured by this dash cam are also at 2304x1296P resolution, giving you the detail that you want.

By simply using the suction cup and 2 sticky mounts that come bundled with this dash cam, all you need to do is plug the WheelWitness HD PRO dashboard camera into your cigarette lighter outlet to start its auto loop recording feature. That’s because this product also comes bundled with a 16 GB micro SD card.

  • Camera has available built-in battery at the event of electrical shutdowns in your car due to collisions and the like, enabling continuous recording
  • Superb video and image quality at highest resolutions among the latest dash cams in the market
  • FREE 16 GB micro SD card
  • 3 quick and easy setup mounts with Plug N Play feature for cigarette lighter outlet
  • GPS data from Google Maps
  • A few buyers reported they got a pop-up that reads “Movie Recovery” during the first few times that they used this dash cam
  • Some buyers also reported sudden camera shutdowns for no apparent reason
  • Flimsy mounts because of its brass thumbscrews

8. KDLINKS X1 Dashboard CameraKD Links X1 dash cam


The KDLINKS X1 dash cam features components for full high definition video recordings and image snapshots. This dashboard camera also comes bundled with GPS features, allowing me to use the KDLINKS Dashcam Player application and see relevant location data, cruise speed and other details through Google Maps.

I got remarkable results when I tested the nightvision capabilities of this dash cam. However, even if the KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera deserves a spot in this list of the best dash cams of 2017, this is one of the most expensive products in this list, especially consider that most of the other dash cams here have similar features.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

In my tests, the KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera was able to produce video content at 30 fps and in 1920*1080 resolution. It was also capable of providing a 165° view with its wide angle lens. It’s auto loop recording function also made it quite easy to shoot footages while driving.

The GPS function of this dash cam was quick and easy to use through Google Maps and the KDLINKS Dashcam Player program. Its emergency lock button and auto accident or collision detection features will be very helpful in protecting important data from its auto loop recording function.

  • Top quality video footages and image snapshots during both day and night
  • GPS data along with date and time stamps are included in recorded videos and images
  • Durable, as some buyers reported that their KDLINKS X1 dash cams are still working properly after using it heavily for more than a year
  • Poor audio recording quality.
  • A few buyers reported unusual problems like intermittent internal sounds and an improperly working menu button
  • No available manual in the manufacturer’s website
  • A bit expensive for the same features that you can get from the other products in this list of the best dash cams of 2017

9. FalconZero Touch PRO HD Dash CamFalcon Zero Touch Pro dash cam


Another product from FalconZero that reached this list of the best dash cams of 2017 is their Touch PRO HD dash cam. This comes as a multi-docking solution for two vehicles. This means the main dash cam can be installed in your car, and the second mount in your other vehicle, or in a family member’s car.

The high definition camera of this product produced high quality video footages and image snapshots during my tests. I also found its touch screen panel quite simple and easy to use, giving me the convenience that I want when configuring and operating a dash cam.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

This dash cam can provide image snapshots in 1080P quality and at 1920 x 1080P resolution. Video footage is recorded at 30 frames per second.

The FalconZero Touch PRO HD is simple to set up and use through its quick mount bracket and 4-inch touch screen panel.

  • Superb video and image quality
  • Touch screen panel makes this dash cam quick and easy to use
  • Bundled with SD card, carrying case and USB port car charger
  • Multi-vehicle feature
  • Quick mount bracket makes this dash cam convenient to detach and re-attach
  • No zoom function
  • A bit more expensive than the other products in this list of the best dash cams of 2017

10. KDLINKS DX2 Car Dash CamKD Links DX2 dash cam


The DX2 dashboard camera is another product from KDLINKS that deserves a spot in this list of the best dash cams of 2017. This product is equipped with a 2-lens system that nicely covers front and rear views. In my tests, this dash cam produced high definition videos and images at superb resolution and quality, even with no natural light during the night.

The discrete design of this dash cam is also a good feature. The bundled 16 GB micro SD card and its 3-inch panel make this product quick and easy to use out of the box.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

The KDLINKS DX2 dashboard camera generates videos at 1920*1080 resolution and is integrated with high speed recording features at 30 frames per second. Its front camera’s wide angle lens covers a 165° view, while its rear camera shoots a full high definition 125° view.

An automatic loop recording function is integrated into this dash cam, overwriting oldest footages and images with new recordings and snapshots. G-Sensor technology is also equipped into this product, enabling auto collision and accident detection features across your video and image data.

An emergency lock button allows you to manually protect important footages and photos from being overwritten. On the other hand, the bundled 16 GB micro SD card and its rechargeable Li-polymer battery pack make this product quick to set up and easy to use.

  • Discrete black design with optional bright light filter
  • Pristine video footages and image snapshots, day and night, with or without bright light filter
  • Quick and easy setup, installation and operation, especially with its simple to understand manual.
  • Front and rear 2-lens system
  • Bundled 16 GB micro SD card and battery pack
  • The 16 GB micro SD card of this dash cam can only record up to 3.5 hours of footages and image snapshots because this data storage capacity is split between its front and rear cameras
  • Pesky wires in its front camera

Final Verdict


I created this list of the best dash cams of 2017 to help you compare your particular needs against the features that are equipped into each of these top 10 products. I highly recommend the dashboard camera from YI when it comes to overall performance, ease of use and affordability. Its intelligent features enable true hands-free operations and maintenance.

However, the other products in this list might be more suitable for your specific requirements. For example, if you want front and back coverage, then the KDLINKS DX2 dash cam is ideal for you, especially for those who want a discrete design. On the other hand, the HD PRO dash cam from WheelWitness offers the highest video and image snapshot resolution across this list.

The important thing is for you to identify your exact needs and requirements for a dashboard camera. Then, you can easily check if the features of each product in this list of the best dash cams of 2017 can satisfy your expectations. Once you’ve trimmed down your shortlist, you can get the best dashboard camera for you. Overall, I recommend any of these top 10 dashboard cameras this year.

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