Best High End Dash Cams $200+ Extensive Reviews

Top of the line dash cams are feature rich and reliable.

The car cameras reviewed below have been tested with many features in mind in an attempt to help you find the best dash cam for your car.

Finding the best high end dash cams is easy if you clearly determine what features you want to see in a particular dashboard camera. Although there are already a lot of reviews and recommendations online, I needed some sort of a confirmation. So, I had to test various dashboard camera brands and models in order to satisfy my curiosity and provide a reliable review to each one of you.

Best High End Dash Cams – Comparison Table

Dashboard CameraNameVideo QualityLensParking ModeGPSWi-FiOur ConsensusPrice
DOD-LS470W+-dash-camDOD Tech LS470W+Full HD150°NoYesNoBest in classCheck Price
ThinkwareX500-dashboard-cameraThinkware X5000Full HD170°YesYesNoFeature rich and stylish designCheck Price
StreetGaurdianSG9665GCV3-dash-camStreet Guardian SG9665GC V3Full HD120°NoYesNoGreat value and comes with 64gb micro SD cardCheck Price
The-Original-Dash-CamThe Original Dash Cam 4SK888Full HD120°NoYesYesAll around exceptional dashboard cameraCheck Price
ThinkwareF750-dash-camThinkware F750Full HD140°YesYesYesTop of the line dash camCheck Price
ThinkwareTWF770-dash-camThinkware TW-F770Full HD140°YesYesYesOur favoriteCheck Price
Urive-Albatross-MD-9400E-dash-camUrive Albatross 4 MD9400-EFull HD124° front camera
109° rear camera
YesYesNoHigh end dual channel system Check Price

When it comes to the best high end dash cams of 2017, I’ve noticed that they have almost similar features, which made it harder for me to really pick the best among the best. During the entire testing process, I had a lot of checklists. This checklist contains the features, both basic and special, that should be present in the best high end dash cams of this year.

The first thing that I consider, when looking for top high end dashboard cams this year, is the quality of the lens used. After all, the lens is the one that captures the whole scene. A great dashboard camera always produces crystal-clear images even when the footage is zoomed-in a couple of times. All top high end dash cams this year feature wide angles lenses that provide wider field of view.

Another thing that I pay attention to, when looking for great high end car dash cams, is the chipset used. The processor of the dashboard camera is the one responsible for its efficiency. Just like most electronic devices today, dashboard cameras can malfunction due to poor chipset quality and an inefficient processor. When this happens, it defeats the purpose of installing a dashboard camera to record the road while you are driving.

I’d like to also emphasize that the best high end dash cams should have a durable and compact build. Almost always, people tend to think that the smaller the device is, the fewer features it contains. Well, that’s not the case for these dashboard cameras that I’ve tested.

The downside of choosing top high end dashboard cams is that they tend to be too expensive. However, when you fully realize what the dashboard camera is capable of doing for you, then you will surely find it worthy spending money for. Sometimes, it’s not always the price tag that matters. What matters most is how well these high end car dash cams function.

Anyway, read on below to find out more about the top high end dash cams this year.

Best High End Dash Cams – Extensive Reviews

The best high end dash cams are quite expensive. However, there are still a lot of reasons why I want to invest in the expensive top high end dash cams this year. For me, a dashboard camera is a great device that will give me peace of mind while driving on the road. Since it records everything around my vicinity, I’ll have no reason to be worried about being unjustly accused of road incidents, in case it happens.

Here’s a quick preview of my personal choices of the 7 best high end dash cams of 2017:


Those are the top 7 best high end dash cams on my list. I chose these 7 dash cameras based on many different features they have. As you can see, the price ranges from $175 – $350 for high end car dash cams. It may look expensive, but wait until you see what they have to offer.

Here’s an in-depth review of the above mentioned best high end dash cams of 2017:


1. DOD TECH LS470WDOD-LS470W+-dash-cam


Technicality wise, DOD Tech has always been at the top ranks for making high-quality dashboard cameras with great features and specifications. DOD Tech is one of the leading innovators for reliable dashboard cameras for several years now. They don’t only provide products that are efficient and fully functional, but they also make sure that the products come out with a posh and elegant style.

DOD Tech LS470W is one of the many great products innovated by this manufacturer. One of the greatest features included in the latest DOD Tech LS470W is the Expanded ISO Range. The ISO range is something that can make or break a video footage. This is a feature that is responsible for the quality of the videos and pictures taking during night time, or under low lighting conditions. DOD Tech LS470W has an expanded ISO range of 12800, which means it can capture clear videos even without using a spotlight. With this kind of ISO range, the subject easily emerges with boosted colors.

Another great thing that I’ve noticed while testing the DOD tech LS470W is that it quite compact for its functionality. The design is sleek and can easily blend into the car’s interior. I even forgot that there was a dashboard camera installed, for a little while.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

It’s surprisingly easy to install and use one of the best high end dash cams – the DOD Tech LS470W. The package comes with a printed user’s manual that’s really easy to follow. Aside from the manual, the package also includes a DOD player installation CD required to make the device work well. After installing the device and mounting it on the preferred location, you can start driving without worries, even during night time.

DOD Tech LS470W is equipped with the new Sony Exmor Image Sensor. This is coupled with the 7-element glass lens, making it possible to capture bright and clear videos even under extreme lighting conditions. It’s also equipped with WDR (wide Dynamic Range) to capture a more detailed footage of the road. With its 150 degrees viewing angle, you will be able to record everything that’s happening in approximately 4 lanes.

This device also comes with a built-in GPS processor, but it isn’t your ordinary GPS feature. It’s 10 times faster than the regular GPS processors installed in ordinary dashboard cameras. With this feature installed, you can provide a more reliable and actual footage of road incidents that can be used as evidence when the need for it arises. The GPS feature is important in dash cameras because it can provide a more accurate location and time stamp on the videos without human intervention.

One of the most special features of DOD Tech LS470W that I find so amazing is the Path Analysis feature. This is an exclusive feature that’s only available in DOD Tech LS470W. the Path Analysis feature lets you save time and fuel because it can provide you with the shortest way possible from point A to B. This is an extremely useful feature anywhere you go. This feature will give you the quickest way to get to your desired location by analyzing the pathway through the built-in GPS feature.

Lastly, DOD Tech LS470W also has Parking Mode feature. Almost all dashboard cameras today, even the best high end dash cams, have their own limitations. And one of these limitations is the battery life. Since the built-in battery for these devices are only meant for backup purposes, you cannot expect it to record 24/7 without turning on your car. DOD Tech LS470W automatically starts whenever you turn on your engine and stops recording whenever you park your car. However, your car will still remain protected because the device will automatically record videos when the detectors sense some motion, even while your car is parked.

  • Japanese-made 7 element glass lens
  • New Sony Exmor Image Sensor
  • Ultrafast GPS processor
  • Functional G-sensors
  • Parking Mode
  • Path Analysis Feature
  • 150 degrees wide viewing angle
  • Short battery life
  • Mount is not reliable

2. THINKWARE X500 Full HD Dash CamThinkwareX500-dashboard-camera


THINKWARE X500 deserves to be considered as one of the top high end dashboard cams for 2017. It’s equipped with amazing features that could not be found in dashboard cameras in the same price range. As you have noticed, this is the cheapest dashboard camera in the quick preview that I’ve shown above. I was quite hesitant to include this in the list at first because of its price. I had this prejudice that THINKWARE X500 belongs to the mid-tier category. However, I was proven wrong when I tested the product. It’s surprisingly very functional and practical and it deserves to be given a spot in the top ranks.

THINKWARE believes that driving should not be burdensome. Because of this, they made sure that their products, especially the X500, will give you peace of mind while driving on the road. THINKWARE X500 is not only a credible and reliable witness in unfortunate road accidents, but it can also help you avoid getting involved in any road accident. This is all thanks to the satisfying safety alert feature that comes with the device.

THINKWARE X500 is designed not only to capture crystal-clear videos of the road, but also to keep you safe all the time. Whenever there’s a risk of getting involved in an accident, the device’s alert system will go off to warn you about it. Before you even get involved in an unfortunate incident, you already have the chance to avoid it and keep driving safely.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

THINKWARE X500 became part of my 7 best high end dash cams not only because of its amazing features, but also because it’s really easy to use and install. The first time I unboxed the package, I didn’t even need the user’s manual in order to install it. THINKWARE X500 can be mounted just like any other normal dashboard cameras that are available today. After you finish mounting and installing the device, it will automatically turn on when you start the engine, and turns of by itself the moment you stop the engine.

The best thing about THINKWARE X500 is that is comes with a highly sensitive image sensor, making it capture videos and pictures clearer. It uses the all new SONY Exmor Image Sensor. This is a high-quality image sensor that’s used by many top brands to produce high-end dashboard cameras. With this kind of image sensor equipped in the dash cam, you’ll be able to capture videos with 1080p Full HD resolution. Even fast moving objects can be captured by the device with crisp details.

Another thing I loved about THINKWARE X500 is that it also comes with its own GPS processor. With the presence of the GPS processor, you can capture more accurate videos with date stamp and location tags based on the GPS. Actually, this feature has another function. In the event that you lose your way while driving, you can easily check with the GPS regarding your current location and turn back whenever you can.

THINKWARE X500 has a built-in LCD screen display, so you can replay videos on-the-go. You never have to wait until you transfer the contents of the memory card to a computer or a smart phone because you can simply replay video footages using the device’s screen. If you feel an urgent need to watch a particular footage stored in THINKWARE X500’s memory, then you can just play it back immediately.

Protecting the video footage of an important road incident is extremely important. However, the loop recording feature in most dashboard cameras won’t allow you to do this and overwrite unprotected clips without your permission. Sometimes, external storage tools, such as SD cards, might get corrupted any time so it puts your videos at stake. With THINKWARE X500’s Dual Save Technology, you don’t have to worry about having a corrupted SD card because it saves important files to the device’s internal memory.

The thing that I loved the most about THINKWARE X500 is that it’s equipped with a Lane Departure Warning System. It’s one of those security alerts that I’ve mentioned previously. This feature sends warning to the driver that he’s swerving off his lane. Swerving can cause road accidents and is a major traffic violation, so having this security alert will let you avoid those consequences.

  • Dual-save Technology
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Parking Surveillance
  • Fail-safe recording
  • Viewer software isn’t user-friendly
  • Too sensitive sensors

3. Street Guardian SG9665GC V3StreetGaurdianSG9665GCV3-dash-cam


Street Guardian is a well-known manufacturer of some of the best high end dash cams for this year. Actually, this company takes so much pride in their SG9665GC dashboard camera that they’re continuously making improvements to the product to create a more reliable device. Right now, they have released an all new and updated SG9665GC that best suits car owners’ preferences this 2017. This updated version has more exclusive features compared to previous versions.

Investing in this high end dashboard camera is a wise choice. There are arrays of great features that you will definitely enjoy. The most remarkable update that Street Guardian has done to SG9665GC v3 is the incorporation of the all new Sony IMX322 CMOS sensor. With this highly reliable image sensor, your device can capture 1080p Full HD videos even during night time, or under extremely poor lighting conditions. Even during night time, the videos will come out bright and clear.

Since they have updated the image sensor, it follows that the quality of the lens used also changed. Sony IMX322 CMOS sensor coupled with high quality 6 layer glass lens gives you a sharper and clearer video footage of road incidents. Even if it’s too bright outside or gloomy, the videos will come out as clear as the ice. This is one of the greatest developments they have done to SG9665GC v3.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

It’s almost impossible not to know how to install the all new Street Guardian SG9665GC v3. This device is surprisingly easy to install and use. You just have to mount it on the windshield or on the dashboard, whichever you prefer. After mounting it, all that’s left for you to do is to connect the power cord to your car charger and turn the device on. Your device will be ready for use after you configure the time and date. If you ever have any difficulties in setting up this dash cam, you can consult the user manual that comes with the package. It has detailed step by step instruction for you to follow.

Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 uses a NOVATEK NT96655 chipset that’s responsible for its efficient functions. This processor is highly remarkable because it’s one of the fastest processors currently available. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about dealing with device lags.

Another great thing about Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 is that it uses a super capacitor instead of a regular battery. A capacitor is able to store more electrical charges so that makes the device stay awake even after you have turned off the car’s engine. It also allows the device to continue recording activities happening near your car, with the help of the sensors. It will also allow the device to save the recordings even if the power supply is suddenly cut off.

Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 also has G-sensors. This feature makes sure that important files remain intact and unharmed despite the presence of a loop recording function. When the loop recording feature is in place, your oldest video footages will be overwritten by the newest ones, even without your permission. When this happens, you might lose an important footage. However, there’s a feature that makes sure you don’t lose crucial evidence when you need it. The G-sensor triggers the dash cam to protect the most recent recording to prevent overwriting. The G-sensor is activated when your car sustains impact from an accident. The protected video footage will become your evidence that will support your insurance claims or will help in the police investigation.

It’s also impressive for Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 to have expandable memory storage of up to 256GB. Imagine how much video footage you will be able to store before it actually gets overwritten by the loop recording feature.

The greatest thing about Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 is that it’s comes with a discreet design. This dashboard camera naturally blends in with any car’s interior. I even forgot that it was there when I was testing the device.

  • Expandable storage up to 256GB
  • Super Capacitor
  • 120 degrees wide angle lens
  • Audio recording
  • Sony IMX322 CMOS
  • Parking mode is unreliable

4. The Original Dash Cam 4SK888



The Original Dash Cam 4SK888 has a lot of features to offer you. Although this product may be a little too pricey, but its functionality will surely be worth every penny you spend on it. I chose it as one of the best high end dash cams for a reason.

Just like the ones previously mentioned in the list, 4SK888 dash camera records videos at 1080p Full HD formats. It means you’ll be able to see clearer footages without asking for the help of professional videographers. This device is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that makes it capture crystal clear images. When you are hit by a speeding car on the road while this device is installed, then you shouldn’t worry too much because you can review the footage and trace the license plate number of the assailant. 4SK888 is a reliable device that will keep you safe on the road, every time.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

The Original Dash Cam 4SK888 comes with its very own built-in LCD display. The good thing about it is that it’s equipped with touch screen technology. With this feature in place, it will be so much easier for you to play back the videos you want to see, anytime, anywhere. It also has a very user-friendly interface that will make you feel like you’re just using your smart phone.

Almost all high end dashboard cameras have automatic on/off features, and 4SK888 dash cam is not exempted from that. However, this dash cam also comes with a manual recording feature that lets you record events that are not merely road scenes. You can even use it as a personal action camera, if you want to. You may choose to activate the manual recording feature or just let the device automatically record with the start of the engine – it’s your call.

The Original Dash Cam uses a 120 degrees wide viewing angle lens. This means you will not only be capturing the scenes directly in front of your car. You can also record the incidents that are happening up to 2 lanes away from your car. This is quite remarkable considering the size of this device.

While the device is recording videos, you can also take snapshots of the incident at the same time. This is quite an amazing feature. For instance, there’s a license plate number that you want to trace immediately, you don’t need to email the entire video to the tracker. Instead, you can just send the snapshot to them for faster tracking.

This device also allows you to connect it to your smart phone over the WIFI. When you do this, you can configure the device on your smart phone by using the Life Cam app. Since the device also comes with an internal GPS processor, the videos can have time and location stamps, if you configure it that way. This means you’ll be able to send videos via email or post it on your social media accounts right then and there.

The anti-shaking function of 4SK888 is also surprising. While driving, especially when involved in road accidents, the car often shakes due to the impact. When this happens, ordinary dashboard cameras will produce unusable footages because it’s extremely shaky and unclear. But with the anti-shaking function of 4SK888, you’ll still have a decent video of the incident despite the impact.

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Lane departure Warning system
  • Front Vehicle Warning System
  • Speed Cam Alert
  • Speed Limit Alert
  • G-sensor
  • Driven Fatigue Alert
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Alert
  • Mounting adhesive is not reliable
  • Audio recording is at average quality

5. THINKWARE F750 Full HD Dash CamThinkwareF750-dash-cam


THINKWARE is really great at producing the best dashboard cameras. In fact, I have included 3 dashboard cameras from THINKWARE in this review. It’s because I really love the innovative and stylish look of THINKWARE dashboard cameras. But of course, I also love the exclusive features that can only be found in their dashboard cameras.

THINKWARE F750 is among the most recommended dashboard camera by car owners. Actually, this dashboard camera is known to have all the features a car owner could ever ask for. It’s fully equipped with the latest technology that makes it more efficient and effective in recording videos of your road trips, adventures, or accidents. With THINKWARE F750, you will have a peaceful mind even when driving long routes and under dangerous circumstances. THINKWARE F750 will be your travel buddy as you drive away.

THINKWARE products don’t have built-in LCD screens, but it doesn’t make it any less valuable. For some people, this may be disadvantageous, but for me, it’s understandable. I’d prefer a sleek and chic dashboard camera style compared to bulky-looking ones. Aside from that, having an LCD screen usually distracts me from focusing on the road, so it’s better not to have one. However, the downside of not having an LCD display is that you still need to use a smart phone to initially configure the device.

THINKWARE F750 can be configured by using a smart phone and connecting it over WIFI. You need to download a particular IOS/Android application in order to set-up the device. This can be quite troublesome if you are in a hurry, but if you’re not, then you can take it as an enjoyable course.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

Aside from the need to use a smart phone in setting up the device initially, I’ve seen nothing that can lessen the overall appeal of THINKWARE F750. Once you get used to it, you’ll see how easy it is to use THINKWARE F750. It’s extremely user-friendly so there’s no need to worry about not knowing how to use it.

THINKWARE F750 comes with several buttons that will let you interact with the device manually. These buttons include a power button which you can manually turn on/off. It also includes an audio recording button that allows you to toggle the audio recording feature. There’s also a WIFI button that allows you to turn the WIFI on/off manually. If you don’t press any of these buttons, then the camera automatically uses the default configurations and immediately starts recording when you turn on your engine.

THINKWARE F750 does not only function as an eye-witness to road accidents, but it also keeps you away from these accidents. This device is equipped with several Safety Warning features that will keep you away from any road incidents. One safety warning features is the Safety Camera Alert. This feature sends alerts regarding nearby red light cameras and speed cameras. When you receive the warning, you’ll be able to avoid the consequences of violating traffic rules.

THINKWARE F750 uses SONY EXMOR CMOS image processor, giving you spotless video footages even under extremely poor lighting conditions. Paired with high quality multiple-glass lens, this feature makes it possible for the device to capture even the tiniest bit of detail that’s happening on the road. Since it records 30 frames per second, you can be sure that it records every detail, even mundane ones, as you travel down the road.

This device also comes with a Forward Collision Warning System. When the car in front of you suddenly steps on the brakes, you might get into a serious accident. To prevent this from happening, the device will warn you that you are getting too close to the car in front of you. When you hear the warning, you should keep distance from the car in front to avoid collision.

  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Red Light Camera Warning System
  • Forward Collision Warning System
  • Built-in WIFI and GPS processors
  • 1080p FULL HD videos
  • Dual Save Technology
  • Parking Surveillance Mode
  • Speed Camera Alert
  • Sensors can become quite sensitive
  • Initial configuration of the device can be time consuming

6. THINKWARE F770 Dash CamThinkwareTWF770-dash-cam


This is another great product from THINKWARE. The F770 is more advanced compared to the F750. However, both dash cams have almost similar features, except for a few additional exclusive features in the F770. Actually, THINKWARE F770 is the best surveillance camera you can ever have today. It has a really discreet and easy-conceal design that makes it very effective in capturing real footages of important events. Even when your car is parked, you will have peace of mind knowing that THINKWARE F770 is there to record every single movement detected.

THINKWARE F770 has truly surprised me with its Time Lapse and Night Mode Features. In fact, I took my time in testing this camera because I was really enjoying its advanced features. This can become your next reliable driving companion with all the features it offers.

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

THINKWARE greatly believes that a great dashboard camera doesn’t need to have an LCD display screen. Even without it, the F770 functions all too well. Well, I really find it strange how other drivers can focus on the road while the screen of their dashboard cameras continues to display real-time road scenes. Honestly, it’s a bit distracting. Instead of preventing road accidents, the LCD might even be the reason why you get involve in an accident.

The best thing about THINKWARE F770 is that it uses SONY EXMOR CMOS image sensor, just like the two previously mentioned products from THINKWARE. This processor is the one responsible for processing extremely pristine videos and pictures even without excellent lighting conditions. SONY EXMOR CMOS image sensor records videos at 30 frames per second so every little detail on the road can be captured effortlessly. You can choose from a number of video resolutions up to 1080p FULL HD.

THINKWARE F770 also comes with a built-in GPS antenna that automatically puts time, location and speed stamp on your videos. If you want to disable this feature, then you can do so by configuring the device using a smart phone. Having a GPS antenna means you will be guided accordingly as to where you are headed and where you are currently located. In case your car gets stolen, you can easily track it because of the GPS antenna installed.

When it comes to security alerts and warnings, I guess THINKWARE really did a great job including it in a small video recording device. One of the best safety features available in F770 is the Speed Camera Warning System. This feature will notify you of any nearby speed cameras by analyzing your path. When you hear the alert, you can simply slow down to avoid paying violation fees to the traffic management team.

With the super night vision feature in place, never again will you miss an important incident while driving under poor lighting conditions. Even during night time, you can get a credible and clear footage of what really happened on the road. True enough, THINKWARE F770 can be the best eye-witness for important road incidents.

Lastly, the Time Lapse feature is great for parking mode. Since dash cameras do not have enough battery life and relies only on the car’s power supply, you can’t expect it to record videos 24/7. However, you can still get evidence when something happens to your car, or something happens near your car, even when it’s parked. With the help of built-in sensors, the camera will start taking pictures in Time Lapse mode (to save battery), instead of taking videos, in the event that motion is detected.

  • Safety warning alerts system
  • Motion detection feature
  • GPS
  • WIFI
  • Time Lapse
  • Super Night Vision
  • Quite pricey

7. URIVE Albatross MD-9400E Dash CamUrive-Albatross-MD-9400E-dash-cam


URIVE is another big player in the dashboard camera industry. It’s known to produce top-quality dash cams but with a golden price tag. Is it really worth investing more than $300 on a dashboard camera when there are lots of cheaper brands available? Well, I just recently found the answer to that question. Upon testing URIVE MD-9400E, I was impressed with its advanced features and made me realize that every penny spent on the product is worth it.

The design of URIVE MD-9400E is nothing but surprising. It’s one of those usual dashboard cameras that come with LCD screens. However, what sets this product apart from the rest of the dash cams available today is that it’s equipped with a 4” wide touch screen display. This means that it’s almost similar to the size of an average smart phone today. Because of this, it will be easier to review videos and footages without using another device (smart phone or tablets).

Overall Performance & Ease of Use

URIVE MD-9400E is not your average dashboard camera. Aside from being a bit pricey, it’s equipped with a lot of features that are not available in cheap dash cams. In terms of user interface, you can easily familiarize MD-9400E without too much trouble. The set-up and installation process also doesn’t take much time so your device will be ready for use in a couple of minutes.

URIVE MD-9400E uses an image sensor that provides flawless videos and images up to a maximum of 1080p resolution. It records videos at 30 frames per second which means you will be able to see every little movement that happens in front of you while driving. Since the device is equipped with high-quality lens and image sensor, you can be sure that the videos will come out as pristine as you imagine it will be. In case you want to save storage space, you have the option to choose a lower resolution.

URIVE MD-9400E also has a Lane Departure Warning System. Swerving is a major traffic violation that might get you into trouble. The moment you depart from your original lane, you are exposing yourself to accidents involving speeding cars from that lane. Fortunately, URIVE MD-9400E’s Lane Departure Warning System will notify you that you are veering from your lane. When you hear the alert, you must adjust your car and continue driving in your own lane.

URIVE MD-9400E also has a Forward Collision Warning System. This feature notifies you of the driving pattern and behavior of the car in front of you. By analyzing the cars behavior, the system will alert you whenever there’s a high possibility of collision. When you hear the warning sound, it would be best to step on the breaks or slow down immediately to avoid the collision from happening.

Lastly, URIVE MD-9400E is also equipped with a heat resistance feature. When you mount the dashboard camera on the windshield, it suffers directly from the heat of the sun. When the temperature is higher than the preset temperature, the device automatically turns off the LCD screen and continues to record the video. This is to ensure that the LCD remains undamaged despite the heat.

  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Forward Collision Warning System
  • GPS
  • WIFI
  • Easy to use
  • Functional G-sensors
  • Reliable parking mode
  • Superb Night Vision mode
  • High price tag

Final Verdict

Practicality wise, I’d go for THINKWARE F770. Although the price lies in the middle of the $175 – $350 price range, it’s all worth the features and specifications that come with the product. The thing is that, THINKWARE F770 is highly durable and has a discreet design. The moment I tested it, I’ve never felt safer in my entire life. The safety warning alerts are fully functional, which makes me glad.

When I reviewed the videos captured with THINKWARE F770, I’ve noticed that it didn’t even show how shaky the car had been, even after I intentionally made it that way. It means the device is highly reliable in times of road accidents, or when your car sustains a significant impact.

THINKWARE F770 is one of the greatest dashboard cameras that I have ever tested. You shouldn’t hesitate to invest in this wonderful product this year.