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Best Dash Cams under $100 – Comparison Table

Dashboard CameraNameVideo QualityLens AngleParking ModeGPSWi-FiOur ConsensusPrice
PruveeoF5-dash-camPruveeo F5 HD140°NoNoYesCheapest reliable dash camCheck Price
DBpower-dash-camDB PowerHD120°NoNoNoAll around dash camCheck Price
GJTGT900-slim-car-cameraGJT GT9000Full HD170°YesNoNoCheapest dash cam with parking modeCheck Price
OldShark-hd-dashboard-cameraOld SharkFull HD170°YesNoNoGreat valueCheck Price
Napoer-full-hs-dash-camNapoerFull HD170°YesNoNoIncludes 32gb micro SD card for FREECheck Price
Aukey-dashcamAukeyFull HD170°NoNoNoSleek and stylishCheck Price
Vantrue-small-dash-camVantrue N1Full HD156°YesYes but must purchase the GPS mountNoDiscrete and compactCheck Price
Actionsports-car-cameraAction SportsFull HD120°NoNoYesAll around dash camCheck Price
Lumina-full-hd-dashboard-cameraLuminaFull HD170°NoNoNoGreat valueCheck Price
Auto-VoxD1-dash-camAuto-VOX D1Full HD140°NoYesNoOnly dash cam under $100 with GPSCheck Price

The main thing about car dash cams below $100 is that they are affordable, yet they also have the best features a car owner could ever ask for. These dash cams are offered at significantly lower prices without compromising overall quality and usefulness for car owners like you and I.

It’s extremely beneficial to get a dash cam for your car. This simple video recording device lets you capture everything that’s happening around your car while you’re driving around, or even when you’re out of your parked car. A dash cam can also record what’s happening inside the car. These are just a few of the main reasons why I’ve tested a lot of products out there today just to find the best dash cams under $100.

Another reason why I wanted to invest in the best dash cams of the year is because this comes mighty handy for recording evidence during road accidents and burglaries. Getting the top dash cams of 2017 will be perfect for this purpose.

In fact, you can get the best dash cams under $100 today. These dash cams may be cheaper compared to other brands, but their features and quality are at par with those expensive ones.

If you’re a wise and practical car owner, then you’d definitely fall in love with these dashboard cams under $100 that I’ve found and tested.

When it comes to the top dash cams of 2017, you don’t always have to look at expensive price tags. There are actually great products that are priced below $100. Here are the top 10 products that you can choose from, which I’ve tested as the best dash cams of the year this 2017:


Best Dash Cams under $100 – Comprehensive Reviews


1. PRUVEEO F5 with WIFIPruveeoF5-dashboard-camera


PRUVEEO is a leading manufacturer of the best car dash cams below $100. This company has incorporated a lot of state-of-the-art features in a tiny device at a very affordable cost. PRUVEEO F5 with WIFI is not only considered as one of the best dash cams under $100 because of it’s significantly low price, but also because of it’s numerous outstanding features that can usually be found only in expensive dashboard cameras.

PRUVEEO F5 has a sleek design, only measuring 6.6 x 5 x 2.2 inches. This product is by far the most impressive and most compact dashboard camera you could ever find in the market today. Because of its incredibly compact design, PRUVEEO F5 can effortlessly blend into your car without attracting too much attention. You can either place it on top of your car’s interior or have it settled on the dashboard, whichever is most convenient on your part.

PRUVEEO F5 includes features such as built-in WIFI, GPS and is compatible with both Android and IOS systems. These features will allow you to control the device with ease and convenience. You only need to download a specific App in the App Store or Google Play Store to avail of the special features of PRUVEEO F5.


Overall performance & Ease of Use


PRUVEEO F5 has surpassed the market standards and scored a relatively high rating when reviewed by actual users and experts. Many car owners purchased this product because of the WIFI feature. Now, a lot of people probably don’t know how the WIFI feature affects the functionality of a dash camera. What this feature does is that it allows the car owners to view, organize and download High Definition videos over WIFI in real time setting.

Actually, the additional WIFI feature in PRUVEEEO F5 allows the car owners to connect the dashboard camera to a Smart Phone and use it as a screen or monitor. As you can see in the picture above, PRUVEEO F5 doesn’t look as bulky as other dashboard cameras with built-in screens because its recordings can be directly through a Smart Phone over WIFI. Since you will be using a Smart Phone to control the device remotely, then you can do a lot of things with the recordings captured by the dash cam. If you ever need to send a video footage to someone immediately, then you can automatically do it using your Smart Phone without any trouble. You just need to be connected to a WIFI in order to do just that.

Another amazing feature that made PRUVEEO F5 become one of the top dash cams of 2017 is its Accident Auto Detection Feature, most commonly known as the G-Sensor. Since PRUVEEO F5 is equipped with Loop Recording Feature, it means that the oldest recordings will be replaced with the newest ones in case the memory runs out. Although this is quite a useful feature, it sometimes becomes worrisome in unfortunate scenarios. However, with the G-Sensor also in place, you can remain worry free as you drive away to your destination.

This additional feature detects the changes in the gravitational force, which usually occurs when your car experiences unusual impact. As a result, the device automatically locks the latest recording so that it will never be deleted without human intervention. This feature is very important in times of road accidents since you may be asked for your side of the story in front of authorities. Your dashboard camera’s recording will serve as your concrete evidence.

PRUVEEO F5 also comes with a 140-degree full glass lens, which allows the device to capture a wider view of the road. With this feature, you will be able to see every little detail of the present road scene in front of you. There’s no need to reposition the dashboard camera every now and then because it captures your lane and the other counter-flowing lanes as well.

  • Minimalistic compact design
  • Wide angle lens
  • Compatibility with both IOS and Android operating systems
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Short Battery Life
  • Should be plugged in to an external power source for longer use
  • Poor mounting adhesive


2. DBPOWER 2.7” Full HD Dash CamDBpower-dashbaord-camera


DBPOWER is a popular manufacturer of home and car electronic devices. In fact, it’s one of the producers of the best selling and top rated dashboard cams under $100. This electronics company is extremely innovative. They are the leader in creating the latest technology breakthroughs and trends.

DBPOWER 2.7” Full HD Dash Cam is one of the best dash cams under $100 because of several reasons. This device may be small, but it’s definitely equipped with a lot of features that excel in terms of functionality. Unlike any other dashboard cameras existing today, this product doesn’t require you to do a lot of things. You just need to properly mount it on your car’s interior windshield or place it on your dashboard, and then you’re good to go.

DBPOWER 2.7” Full HD Dash Cam garnered a rating above average upon review of actual users. Many users claimed that it’s a highly functional device with a chic and posh style. With its small nature, this dash cam will not hinder you from focusing on the road while you are driving.


Overall performance & Ease of Use


When it comes to ease of use, DBPOWER 2.7” Full HD Dash Cam is probably one of the easiest to use among the best car dash cams below $100. The good thing about this product is that it comes with a durable yet easy mounting feature. You can easily set this device up in your car in less than a minute. Since it comes with a great suction cup, you don’t have to worry about it falling off while driving in a rush.

DBPOWER’s dash cam also comes with a built-in 2.7” screen. This feature allows you to monitor what’s happening in front of you, in real time mode. Its screen is wider compared to other dashboard cameras but it definitely won’t distract you from driving safely.

Just like the other best dash cams under $100, DBPOWER 2.7” Full HD Dash Cam also comes with a G-Sensor. This is a safety feature that detects the change in acceleration due to gravitational force. This sudden change in acceleration usually happens when you encounter an accident on the road and your car sustains impact. When this happens, the dash cam will automatically protect the latest recording in order to give you a chance to review what really happened before and during the crash. The recording will never be deleted unless you do it yourself.

This small recording device from DBPOWER also supports multiple languages. This includes English, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Korean, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and French. This dash cam also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker so it can record audio files as well. Overall, this is a great product that’s worth investing in.

  • Easy to use
  • HD pictures and videos
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Equipped with G-Sensor
  • 7” Built-in Screen
  • Built-in Speakers and Microphones
  • Supports JPEG and AVI formats
  • Records up to 32GB
  • 4x Zoom Lens
  • Short battery life
  • Does not include HDMI card in the package
  • Audio recordings are not that great

3. GJT GT900 Slim Car CameraGJTGT900-dahboard-camera


GJT GT900 Slim Camera is another hot choice for the best dash cams under $100 this 2017. If you are on a budget but you still want to get a great dashboard camera for your car, then GJT GT900 would be a great choice. Aside from the fact that it’s really affordable, it’s also equipped with a lot of significant features that are worth investing in.

GJT GT900 Slim Camera is a compact video and audio recording device that will provide you with full 1080p HD images and recordings. This is a great device that can capture any scene before you while you are driving on the road. It’s a great action camera that records superb quality videos that might come in handy in the future.

With a price of only $45.99, you can already enjoy this dashboard camera with a built-in 3.0 LCD display and 170 degrees full glass lens. This device also comes with an Accident Auto Detection feature that keeps important recordings intact even after several months, or years, have passed. Although this device is equipped with great features, it’s surprisingly very easy to use. You don’t have to be an expert in order to install this simple device in your car.


Overall performance & Ease of Use


GJT GT900 is relatively easy to use. You just need to mount in on the dashboard or the windshield and get ready to drive away. Since this device comes with a 32GB memory card, you will be able to capture road scenes without deleting files for over 2 weeks. However, you should also know that this device is equipped with loop recording feature. This feature overwrites the oldest stored video clips with the newest ones, even without deleting it.


This product also comes with a 170 degrees lens that allows you to capture wide-angle shots while driving on the road. This comes very handy when you witness road accidents, or unfortunately experience one yourself.


GJT GT900 is also equipped with infrared sensors that will let you capture road scenes even during nighttime. Even at night, the quality of your video recording will still be clear enough to see what really happened during a particular time.

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports JPEG and AVI formats
  • Infrared Lighting
  • Lack of built-in battery
  • Unreliable audio recording

4. Old Shark Full HD 1080P T105 Dash CamOldshark-dashboard-camera


Another great company that manufactures the best dash cams under $100 is known as Oldshark. When it comes to electronic devices and accessories, this company is well known for having the most durable and multi-functional products. One concrete example for this is their Oldshark Full HD 1080p Dash Cam. This product comes off at a very affordable price, notwithstanding its quality and features.

The greatest thing about this dashboard camera is that it’s slim and compact. This tiny device is packed with various features that are also available in larger dashboard cameras available today. Since it’s slim and compact, you can use it without being distracted. You can even put it behind your rear-view mirror so that you won’t notice it unintentionally. Since the product comes in black color, it will naturally blend with the rear-view mirror.

Oldshark Full HD 1080P Dash Cam comes with a built-in 3” LCD screen. This means you can conveniently monitor the scenes that actually happened while you were driving. Since it’s not advisable to review the video footage while you are still on the road, you can just monitor it when you reach your destination because it will automatically be saved in the device.


Overall performance & Ease of Use


Oldshark Full HD 1080P dash cam is known for its superb and excellent video recording quality. It captures full HD images and videos of the road even when the car is in motion. With this device, you will never miss out on any interesting road scenes again. With its 32GB memory, you will be able to capture a lot of video clips that might come handy in the future.

Another great thing about Oldshark T105 is that you don’t need to switch it on or off manually. Whenever you turn on your car’s engine, the device will automatically turn on and start recording the scene in front of you. Accordingly, when you turn off your engine, this dash cam also automatically stops recording and goes into sleep mode, unless you keep it on manually.

Just like any other best dashboard cameras today, Oldshark T105 is also configured to do loop recording. It automatically deletes the oldest files when the memory runs out, so you don’t need to manually delete unnecessary files yourself.

Oldshark T105 also comes with a 170-degree lens that captures a wider angle compared to other regular dash cameras. With this feature, you will be able to capture a wider field of view and you will be able to capture more details. You can also use the zoom-in feature of this device for better viewing.

Lastly, Oldshark T105 is also equipped with night vision features that enable you to still continue recording HD videos even in the dark, particularly during nighttime. With this additional feature, you will never miss a plate number in case you want to capture it, any time of the day or night.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Continues to record even when the car is parked, as long as the back-up battery is used
  • Excellent Audio Recording quality
  • HD Images and graphics
  • Auto crash detection
  • Needs to be plugged in while driving
  • Limited storage space of up to 32GB only
  • Backup battery’s short life span

5. Napoer Full HD 1080P G50 Dash CamNapoer-dashboard-camera


Napoer G50 Dash Camera is a small video recording device that is extremely functional. It’s considered as one of the best dash cams under $100 this year. If you are thinking about buying an affordable dashboard camera, then you should never compromise its quality just because it’s cheap. When you invest in a dashboard camera, you should at least get the ones that have great features, just like Napoer G50.

Despite being priced for only $59.99, you can get the best out of this product for a long period of time. IT’s surprisingly functional and durable. You can rely on Napoer G50 to record high quality videos and images. Whenever you need to review road scene footage, this dashboard camera will show you just what you are looking for, in excellent graphics.


Overall performance & Ease of Use


Napoer G50 is equipped with 170-degree full HD lens that records high quality videos and audios. With Napoer’s lens, you will be able to capture road signs and license plates vividly. Since this device also comes with a great night vision-viewing feature, you can continue to clearly record road activities even during nighttime. You don’t need great lighting conditions to capture great images because Napoer G50 works even under low lighting conditions.

Napoer G50 is really easy to use. The only thing you need to do is to install it in your car, and the rest will be taken cared of by the device itself. After you have finished installing the device, it will automatically turn on and start recording when you turn the ignition on.

This product also comes with G-sensor, which automatically locks video footage whenever your car goes into an accident. Despite the presence of loop recording feature, the G-sensor feature will protect the video footage of the accident for as long as you want. It will not be deleted from the device’s memory unless you manually do it.

The best thing about this device is that is enables 24 hours parking monitor for car owners. Unlike other dashboard cameras, Napoer G50 lets you continue to record videos even when the engine is turned off. It will allow you to monitor who kicks or hits your car while it’s properly parked. This is all thanks to its built-in motion detector.

  • Built-in microphones and speakers
  • 0 inch screen
  • Loop Recording
  • G-Sensor
  • Motion detector
  • 170 degree wide angle lens
  • Can sometimes be distracting
  • No noise reduction feature for audio recordings

6. AUKEY Full HD Dash CamAukey-dashboard-camera


This is another compact dash camera that deserves a spot in the best dash cams under $100. This is a product manufactured by AUKEY, a well-known dash camera manufacturer all over the world. Despite its low price, this dashboard camera is surprisingly useful. It perfectly does what it needs to do, and that’s to record clear images and high quality videos of road scenes and incidents.

AUKEY DR-01 is your multi-functional driving companion. You can rely on this small device when you are asked to submit a video footage of road accidents to your insurance company or even to the police. It only weighs 7 ounces and measures 1.1 x 2.2 x 2.1 inches, so it’s not that bulky to install in your car.


Overall performance & Ease of Use


Believe it or not, AUKEY DR-01 is very easy to use and install. First, you just need to mount the device on your windshield or dashboard, whichever makes you more comfortable and less distracted. The product comes with a wire that needs to be connected to your car’s mini USB cable. This will serve as the main power of the device. The built in battery of the device will only be used when you view recordings or when recording clips while the car is parked.

AUKEY DR-01 is GPS ready, which means you can connect it to a GPS device anytime. By connecting it with a GPS device, you will be able to add your exact location to your video footages. This will extremely be useful in times when you are asked to submit your dash cam’s footage as evidence.

This product comes with a 170 degrees wide-angle lens. This means you will be able to capture a wider view of the road. By the time you monitor your video footage, you will be surprised at how detailed your footages are. Since this product’s lens offers a wider field of vision, it captures all the necessary, and even the minute, details that happened on the road while you were driving.

When using AUKEY DR-01 dash cam, you have the option to record videos in 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, or even in WVGA formats. The lower your chosen resolution it, the poorer the video quality becomes. However, the higher your video resolution is, the bigger amount of memory it consumes. If having the best and clearest video quality is your top priority, then you can simply transfer your video footages regularly to an external hard drive and take it out whenever you need it. This way, it will not be automatically deleted when your dash cam’s memory runs out.

In addition, AUKEY DR-01 is equipped with crash sensors that detect even the slightest impact felt by your car. It has G-Sensors that will automatically protect your most recent videos at the time your car felt the impact, or sudden change in acceleration due to gravitational force. Even with the loop recording feature in place, protected videos will never be deleted no matter how much time passes. It’s because the dash camera is configured to save and protect the most important footages that will be needed for serious purposes.

  • 170 degree wide angle lens
  • 1080p video resolution
  • Motion detection
  • Emergency Recording
  • Up to 128GB memory support
  • 2” LCD
  • No WIFI feature
  • No built-in GPS device

7. VANTRUE N1 Small Dash CamVantrue-dashbaord-camera


Even if VANTRUE N1 isn’t as big as other dash cameras, it’s still as functional as the larger ones. Looking for the best dash cams under $100 is never that easy. Aside from considering the price of the dash cams, you also need to look for the best features available today. Since you will be spending money on this product, you need to know, at the very least, its basic features and functions.

VANTRUE N1 is a truly remarkable product that’s priced under $100. Its overall performance even beats more popular and more expensive brands. Aside from that, all these amazing features are placed in a compact dashboard camera design that’s not too burdensome to look at. Because this dash cam is really small, it sometimes even goes unnoticed. This can be quite beneficial if you only want to record the real incidents that happened on the road.


Overall performance & Ease of Use


The main reason why VANTRUE N1 is extremely popular these days is because it records videos that are exceptionally of great quality. This can be credited to its high-performance processor that allows the device to capture ultra HD videos and images. Its NT96650 processor allows you to view videos with 1080p resolution. With this video quality, it’s almost impossible to miss a license plate or any road signs, for that matter. You can also zoom in the video to get a better view of what’s ahead of you and your car.

VANTRUE N1 comes with a 1.5-inch LCD display that allows you to monitor videos in real time mode. You don’t need to have a separate smart phone just to view and configure the device because you can do it with the device itself. You don’t even need to be connected to a Wireless Network in order to view videos because you can just look at it on the built-in screen.

Another great thing about VANTRUE N1 is that it allows you to take individual snapshots aside from HD videos. You will be able to take individual snaps with 12MP quality with this device. A 12MP snap can clearly show license plate numbers even at a reasonably far distance.

VANTRUE N1 is also equipped with a special feature known as the Thermal Protection feature. With this, you don’t have to worry whether the device is too hot or too cold. The Thermal Protection Circuit allows your dash cam to work well under 32 – 158 degrees Fahrenheit. If your car’s temperature exceeds this limit, the device will automatically turn of by itself and stop recording.

  • Thermal Protection Circuit
  • Slim and compact design
  • Night Vision enabled
  • Wide angle lens
  • HD video quality
  • Hard to update firmware
  • Can only support up to 32GB storage space

8. ProduTrend Action Sports Camera Car Dash Cam – PTC301Action-sports-dashboard-camera


ProduTrend is one of the most popular suppliers of affordable yet high quality dashboard cameras. In fact, ProduTrend has released a very interesting dashboard camera that has become a major hit worldwide. The great thing about ProduTrend products is that it usually exceeds the expectations of actual users. Despite offering their products at a relatively low price, ProduTrend still made sure to produce products with only the best qualities and features.

ProduTrend PTC301 is currently one of the best action cameras under $100 available in the market today. It captures exceptionally clear videos, even under poor lighting conditions. Even in motion, it can still provide great snapshots of the view ahead. This is one of the many reasons why this product is one of the hottest picks today.

This is a multi-functional device that can be used as a dashboard camera, an action camera, or even a regular camera. You just have to choose between the different presets that are already configured by the manufacturer. You can even use time-lapse feature to record everything you wish to capture.


Overall performance & Ease of Use


ProduTrend PTC301 is equipped with WIFI. This feature allows the car owners to connect the dashboard camera to a smart phone. The smart phone can become a remote that controls the device. Since PTC301 supports IOS and Android devices, you don’t have to worry about not being able to fully use it. You only need to download an application on your smart phone in order to activate this feature.

With the presence of WIFI feature, you will not only be able to control the device thru your smart phone, but you can also upload real time videos to your social media accounts. This is actually a very advantageous feature that will keep your friends updated about your activities in real time setting. In case you experience an unfortunate road accident, uploading real time footage will alert your viewers to send help over immediately.

ProduTrend is made specifically for those adventure seekers and highly active individuals. For this reason, the device is configured to record and capture high quality videos and images despite constant movement. When you use this device as a dashboard camera, never again will you worry about getting a clear view of a speedy over taker.

  • Full 1080p HD resolution
  • Individual snapshots
  • CMOS Sensor
  • Real Time videos
  • WIFI
  • Limited storage space

9. Lumina Zoom-Series Dashboard CameraLumina-dashboard-camera


This futuristic-looking dashboard camera from Lumina is growing more and more popular each day. When you first see this device, you might think that it’s something that the US Army uses. This is because its design is quite compact and it looks too plain on the outside. However, this is a great video recording device that is hot in the eyes of every car owner.

Actually, this product only measures about 4.7 x 3.9 x 3.2 inches, and only weighs 11 ounces. It’s designed to look like a smart phone with an extended camera lens at the back. It’s really surprising how this product costs only $94.97, considering all the features that are packed with it.


Overall performance & Ease of Use


The greatest thing about this product is that it records extremely High Definition videos that are perfect for every road trip and adventure seeker. Aside from using it as a dashboard camera, you can also use it as an action camera since it records things in motion without any problem at all. You can sprint, jog and run all you want – This device will still record great quality and clear videos.

Lumina Zoom-Series dash cam uses Nikon’s 6-glass lens, which gives you the best view of the road. Unlike any other dashboard cameras, this product’s screen will display videos as it is. It means you will not be seeing a fishbowl effect on the screen. This is all thanks to the 170 degrees wide-angle lens packed with the device.

The device is also equipped with manual controls that will help you configure the camera easily. There are buttons that will help you take individual snapshots of the view ahead. This will be stored in the device’s memory together with the video it captures.

Lumina Zoom-series dashboard camera also has loop recording feature, just like any other dash cameras in this price range. Loop recording means you don’t need to manually delete old videos and files because the device will automatically overwrite it once the storage space runs out. If you have a video or snapshot that you want to keep for a long time, it would be a wise move to immediately transfer it to other storage because it might be deleted from the device after several weeks.

  • Wide angle lens
  • Affordable
  • 1080p HD videos
  • Individual snapshots
  • Loop recording
  • G-Sensors
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Difficulty in taking snapshots
  • Night time videos are not that reliable

10. AUTO-VOX D1 Dash Cam with GPSAutoVox-dashboard-camera


This may be the most expensive product on the list ($99.99), but it still falls under the category of the best dash cams under $100. AUTO-VOX D1 has extremely great features that you can never resist. Considering everything that it can do, AUTO-VOX D1 is really compact and small for its functionality. You can install it in your car and forget that it’s there after a while, since it naturally blends into the car’s accessories.

AUTO-VOX D1 uses high quality lens that provides HD videos and great quality images despite movements. This small camera records videos in 1080p, so it’s not a surprise that you can clearly make out the license plate number of the car ahead of you, even at 3 meters away.


Overall performance & Ease of Use


AUTO-VOX D1 comes with a clear 2.7-inch LCD display screen. This screen allows you to view your device’s video recordings any time, anywhere. Because of this, you will also be able to have a clearer view of the events that happened while you were driving. There are times when your eyes can’t capture every scene in front of you, especially if you are not focused on that particular scene. This device will never let you miss a single road incident again.

AUTO-VOX D1 also comes with G-sensor. This feature enables automatic protection over the latest videos recorded by the device. This feature is only triggered when your car suffers from an impact due to sudden acceleration. This usually happens when you collide with other vehicles or hit a more powerful object. When this happens, your device will automatically protect that video because that will serve as an evidence of the whole incident. No matter how much time passes, you will still have that video footage, unless you delete it yourself.

  • WIFI
  • GPS
  • Comes with Car charger with extra USB port
  • Includes 32GB storage space
  • G-Sensor
  • Car charger usually doesn’t last long


Final Verdict


All these 10 products mentioned above are exceptionally great. However, if you want to really invest in a product where you can get the best value for your money, then I highly recommend ProduTrend’s PTC301 dashboard camera. It’s equipped with a lot of features and is reasonably affordable at that.